Need a cost effective solution and full control over your website? MANAGEWEB Combo is the solution for you!

Currency Converter

Actual Value
RM 24,770
SUPER VALUE( for 1 Year )
RM 9,600

Local / International Domain Name

RM 120
1 Year Included!

RM 250

5 Ximplify Business E-mail

Business-Templated Website

RM 2,000
100 Accounts

100 Pages Website Builder System

RM 1,800
20 Pages

Keyword Search

RM 2,000

Admin & Multi-user Management

RM 2,000
20 Pages

Google & SEO Module & Analytics

RM 2,000

FAQ Manager

RM 2,000

Heatmap Analytics

Mobile Friendly

RM 1,800

Support Maintenance

RM 3,000

Project Consultancy

RM 2,000

Virtual Private Hosting (VPS)

RM 2,000

QR Code Generator

RM 600

SMS Marketing Tool

RM 600

Product Training for 1 Person

RM 300

Product Training

RM 300
1 Person

Renewal at only RM 9,600 / year

( Prices are inclusive of 6% GST )


MANAGEWEB Combo is a feature-rich and powerful Content Management System (CMS) which was designed to provide easy-to-use website and mobile site management tools. It allows multiple users to create, update and manage content of different sections, leveraging on workload designation and improves productivity.


Templated High Quality Design

Thousands of high quality professionally designed templates for a great business website.

Ximplify Business E-mail

Enjoy FREE 1 year new E-mail technology - Ximplify that comes with large mailbox, powerful new features and zero hardware investment.

Website Builder System

Design and edit your website anytime with minimal technical knowledge using powerful and secure SSL Website System with DDoS protection.

Admin & Multi-user Management

Complete administrator and multi-user management allowing each users to have its own level of access to specific sections of the web and mobile site.

Mobile Friendly

With our responsive and mobile themes, we make sure your site looks good on any device. Update your website on the go with mobile apps for IOS and Android.

Keyword Search

Reduce your search time with our in-house developed keyword search engine and allows your customers to quickly locate the information they desire.

Integrated Google SEO Module & Analytics

Reinvent your marketing strategy with market intelligence.Stay ahead of your competitors by receiving analytical reports of your website traffic to generate more leads andopportunities.

Professional Domain Name

Inclusive of 1 year subscription to an Internationalor local domain name for a professional web address.

FAQ Manager

Create and organize lists of questions & answers to enhance your customer support and improve efficiency of information exchange between your company and your customers.

Mobile SMS Marketing

Reach your clients individually or in groups via SMS. Personalise your promotions, announcements, holiday greetings, etc. using this powerful tool.

QR Code Generator

Generate and link QR Code (Quick Response) to “How-To” videos, products, discounts or even use it as an enquiry point or more.

Training & Support

Training will be provided for you to understand the system as well as guides to managing and updating your website easily. 24/7 technical support is included in the package.
How does MANAGEWEB Combo works?
MANAGEWEB Combo Benefits
  1. Use your own design

    Whether if you have your own design team or outsourced externally, we have the capabilities to integrate your website flawlessly.
  2. No designs restrictions

    The possibility of your design is endless. Our CMS and professionals will not hinder you from expressing your ideas into reality.
  3. Use your own database

    Easily linked your existing database to our CMS instead of migrating to ours to ensure your critical data is securely protected.
  4. Fully customizable

    The CMS allows full customization not only in terms of designs, but also web modules which can be toggled according to your preference.
  5. No Webmaster required

    No longer do you need to hire or engage webmasters to maintain and update your website. You can now do it yourself.
  6. Training & support provided

    Training will be provided for you to understand the system as well as guides to managing and updating your website easily. 24/7 technical support is also provided.