You can now have your brand appearing on the first page of search engines. With RapidSEM, we assist enterprises to generate immediate traffic by constructing the most relevant advertisements for your targeted market.

Our consultants can structure, control, determine relevancy of your online campaign advertisement to maximize its full potentials, therefore giving you better lead conversions. With our reporting tools, you can monitor the effectiveness of the marketing campaign and refine it for greater results and creating enormous impact on your business.



  • Highly Targeted:

    Geographical and time-based settings.
  • Track & analyze your traffic:

    With analytics and reporting tools, you will know exactly where your traffic is coming from and analyze behavioural patterns to refine your website.
  • Tailored to Your Needs:

    Ad copies describing your products and services can be customized, controlling what the visitor sees when they view your ads.
  • Brand Awareness:

    Having your brand in top positions on the results page translates to more exposure for your website and triggers impulse buying.
  • Quantifiable Results:

    RapidSEM provides traceable and quantifiable results with comprehensive analytics providing the ability to drill down to the most granular level unravelling demographic information and other engagement metrics.
Differences between SEM & SEO

Search Results Page Advertising / Sponsored Ads Natural / OrganicListing Type result of a search engine
Listing Cost Paid Free
Traffic Results Immediate Traffic Results
Properly managed PPC advertising provides immediate traffic results
Several Months
Requires time, usually months to climb the search ranking