Nobody does it better than RapidCloud. Here are just a few important reasons why you should choose RapidCloud.

  1. 2 Different ISP-class Internet Data Centres

    RapidCloud manages floor space in 2 different ISP-class Internet Data Centres. With a single contract, partners and clients that co-locate servers with RapidCloud doesn't need to worry about administration hassle and service agreement bindings to a single data centre. RapidCloud works as a consultant to advise partners and clients on which data centre is the best place to place their servers based on their system and business criteria.
  2. 24x7 Technical Support

    At RapidCloud, we believe in providing our customers with excellent support. We have a dedicated Technical Support team to support you via phone and e-mail. Our servers are also monitored 24x7 to provide optimized server uptime.
  3. Rich Product Features

    The RapidCloud e-mail and website facilities come with many features that are useful to you such as calendaring, Traffic Statistics, Frontpage, CGI, SSL and E-Commerce integration support.
  4. Personalized Services For Value Added Services

    At RapidCloud, we don't expect you to accept cookie cutter solutions. We understand that every business has different needs. That is why we at RapidCloud always work closely with our customers to provide personalized services and the right solutions.
  5. Off-Site Backup

    Acknowledging the importance of data, RapidCloud provides a daily multi-tier data backup for all our hosting customers so that you have the peace of mind knowing that your data is being back-up in different geographic location as a Disaster Recovery precaution.
  6. Security & Infrastructure

    Carrier Grade Firewall based on Juniper Netscreen and Intrusion Detection System are implemented in our network to help prevent security breach in our network, thus securing your important data. All our servers are located in multi-million dollar ISP- class Internet Data Centre with highly reliable n+1 infrastructure.
  7. Price Freeze Guarantee

    We guarantee that the price of your hosting that you sign-up will not be increased at all along your tenure with us! This will allow you to easily budget in your IT spending every year.